Lois Fisch
Lois Fisch hails from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. She traveled extensively during her life, along with a four year stint in France and Germany. She moved to Calgary in 1981. Lois completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2001.

The core of her work centers on the exploration and research of the inner chambers that hold a fragile form together. Mystery lurks in the spaces that are in-between the shapes of an organic plant form much like a journey through a vein that one may travel in order to reach a goal.

While working with watercolor she intuitively lets an area grow from its core to its periphery, and at that time she is free to explore the interior of a form by weaving her way through the pattern that mysteriously evolves. Each layer of paint is like cells that coax life into each shape. Thus, a flower is born.

Websites: www.fcacalgary.ca/fisch

Contact: Lfisch.vitalvisions@shaw.ca

Funnels & Bells
Funnels & Bells
24" x 34"
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