Donna Jopling
The Alberta prairie has always been a source of inspiration for Donna. Living in a rural setting, just West of Calgary gives her a first hand opportunity to observe much of the indigenous plant and animal life and to consider various ecological and cultural issues facing our fragile environment.

Her body of work as an artist is undertaken in response to her observation of urban encroachment upon wild spaces. She wishes to examine various culturally held notions and values concerning our co-existence with wild spaces and animal habitat.

From her studio window, she has the privilege of watching a multitude of wildlife, like deer, moose, coyotes and corvids (magpies, ravens and crows). Donna champions these subjects as survivors, which indeed seem to thrive and adapt exceedingly well to urban sprawl and now have become and urban problem and concern.

She strives to open a dialogue between the art and the viewer which may challenge how we perceive culturally charged thoughts concerning ourselves and our co-existence with wild spaces and indigenous animals.

Donna earned a BFA ‘with distinction’ as a painting major from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2003.



Mom and Cub
Mom and Cub
Oil on Canvas
20" x 20"
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